ingliskeelne pealkiri

Estonian Marine areas Information System (EMIS) is a portal for operational ocean forecast in Estonian marine areas. The portal enables to view and download the short term ocean forecast for Estonian marine areas. The forecast product covers the Sea level, currents, ice thickness and concentration, ocean temperature and salinity. The forecasting system is operated by the Marine Systems Institute (MSI) at Tallinn University of Technology (TUT). The model is run once every 24 hours and gives 48 hour length forecast. New forecast is published to the users each day before midday. Ocean forecast is modelled using 3D ocean circulation model HBM (HIROMB-BOOS Model) which is currently the state of the art model in operational physical oceanography in the Baltic Sea region. The same model is also used by the Baltic Monitoring and Forecasting Centre (BalMFC) of the Copernicus Europian  Marine Service to produce the Baltic Sea physical forecast.

The Estonian setup is on the 0.5 nautical mile horizontal resolution staggered z-grid. Vertically the grid is divided into 3 m thick layers down to 90 m depth and 5 m layers below. The hydrodynamic time step of the model is 12.5 s but the data is stored and distributed hourly. HIRLAM 11 km resolution model results operated by the Estonian Weather Service is used for the meteorological forcing of the ocean model. The ocean data in open sea boundary is extracted from 1 nautical mile HIROMB model results operated by SMHI or, alternatively, from the Baltic Sea forecast product provided by the BalMFC of the Copernicus Marine Service.  Climatology data is used for the hydrological forcing. Currently there is no data assimilation system conneced to forecasting system..